Welcome to Sonus Loci

by Jeremy Bassetti

Welcome to Sonus Loci – The Sound of Place.  

Every week or so, I’ll publish about 10 minutes of audio from around the world—from a forest, a city, a coffee shop, a beach. Somewhere. No commentary. Just the sound of place. I’ll also publish a few notes and an image taken on location in the show notes.

This podcast is recorded with special microphones that capture sound similar to the way our ears capture sound: spatially and in stereo. So, it is best that you listen with headphones to get the full experience.

At first, I will record in places nearby. I’m currently in Orlando, Florida. But as the world opens up, whenever it does, these audio recordings will take on a more global character. I hope.

A podcast like this might sound a bit pretentious, gratuitous, dull, mundane, or just completely pointless. Perhaps that’s true.

Yet, as we get busier and have more demands on our attention, hopefully, this podcast will inspire us to slow down and pay more regard to the world around us. 

At the very least, this podcast will be an artifact of sorts—a self-serving experiment that tracks where I’ve been, what I’ve heard, and if I’ve had the time to slow down and listen. 

On a final note, this podcast was inspired by SW945, a podcast about walking and Japan by Craig Mod. I encourage you to check out Craig’s recordings if this sort of thing interests you.

I do hope you enjoy the podcast as you do whatever it is you do when you listen to one—meditate, work, fall asleep, study, or—hopefully—nothing at all.

Thanks for listening.

Please listen with headphones for the full binaural experience. The audio file was originally recorded in 48 kHz/24 bit FLAC and encoded at 160 kbps in MP3 format. Low frequencies were rolled off.


Date: 4 January 2021 at 2:13 PM
Conditions: Clear
Temp: 62.6°F
Altitude: 1.26515027284831
Coordinates: 29.03789073244264, -80.89456680725959
Humidity: 46
Wind Speed: 9.942 mph
Wind Direction: 340
AQI: 29
Map URL: https://maps.apple.com/?q=29.037891,-80.894567&ll=29.037891,-80.894567

Lifeguard Tower at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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