Parque Colón – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Binaural Field Recording)

by Jeremy Bassetti
Christopher Columbus Park Santo Domingo

I flew to the Dominican Republic in June to surprise visit my mother, though I made a pitstop in Santo Domingo. My hotel was in the Zona Colonial and one morning, before catching the bus to Puerto Plata, I went to the Parque Colón. The Parque Colón, or Columbus Park, is adjacent to the Basilica Catedral de Santa María la Menor, which you can see in the background of the photo and videos. The Cathedral dates back to the early 1500s and is the oldest still-standing church in the Americas.

Please listen with headphones for the full binaural experience. The audio file was originally recorded in 48 kHz/24 bit FLAC and encoded at 160 kbps in MP3 format. Low frequencies were rolled off, at about 80 Hz, but the file remains otherwise untouched.


Date: Jun 10, 2021 at 8:45 AM
Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Temp: 78.8°F
Feels Like: 78.8°F
Altitude: 20.1442277336182
Coordinates: 18.47366317895471, -69.88386025721536
Humidity: 88
Wind Speed: 0 mph
Wind Direction: 10
Map URL:,-69.883860&ll=18.473663,-69.883860

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