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Welcome to my creative log. It is here where I “work with the garage door open” and document the boring details of my creative journey.

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Whenever I post about my creative process on my website, you’ll receive the entry via email the next morning. This will occur around once a week. But, since creativity ebbs and flows, these posts/emails will increase when I’m actively working on a project or during other creative spurts. These posts/emails may be unfiltered, fragmented, disjointed, and irregular.


Bracketed acronyms in titles refer to specific projects. Titles without a bracketed acronym refer to general creative work (i.e.: not project-based work).

2023-11-26  |  Week 47

2023-11-12  |  Week 45

2023-10-29  |  Week 43

2023-10-22  |  Week 42

2023-10-08  |  Week 40

2023-10-01  |  Week 39

2023-09-24  |  Week 38

2023-09-17  |  Week 37

2023-09-14  |  Minor Update 003

2023-09-13  |  Minor Update 002

2023-09-12  |  Minor Update 001

2023-09-11  |  Starting the Habit

2023-09-10  |  A New Category: Creator's Log