by Jeremy Bassetti

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Hi. I’m Jeremy. I am a writer, photographer, and educator currently based in Orlando, Florida. I am interested in place, travel literature, mountains, intellectual history, photography, book publishing, and more. I hold a Ph.D. and teach at a small college in Florida.

I am the host of the award-winning Travel Writing World podcast. Travel Writing World has been noted in publications like The Daily Telegraph, South China Morning Post, Lit Hub, Guernica Mag, and Forbes.

From time to time, I also offer consultations for those working on books and projects involving travel and place.

I’ve been an educator for more than a decade and a half. I’ve taught at Florida State University as a graduate teaching assistant and I currently teach at Valencia College in Orlando. I performed my doctoral research at the Royal Academy of History in Madrid and other national archives in Spain.

I do what I do thanks to your support via ARTIFACT INTERNATIONAL.

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Listen and Subscribe to the Podcast


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