Jeremy Bassetti

I’m a professor, writer, and photographer. My most recent book is The Hill of the Skull. I am currently in the research/proposal phase of a new book on mountains. I also host the Creative Journeys podcast and the Travel Writing World podacst, the latter of which is currently on indefinite hiatus as I work on my new project.

If you would like to support my work, you can do so by buying books/prints from my shop or by joining ARTIFACT INTERNATIONAL. I offer "perks" like free e-books and other goodies to supporters.

My main newsletter Genius Loci goes out on the 1st of every month to over 2,000 people. It usually has a note from me, a photo or two, and thoughts on books, art, media, place, culture, travel, nature, etc.


I also email out my Creator's Log, which is where I "work with the garage door open" and document the boring details of my creative journey.


There is a lot on this website. To make things simple, below is a sitemap.